A Vision is a dream with a deadline


You get at the beginning of 2024

As a High Potential

a transformational challenge with big impact in a fast-growing mid-size IT company

invited into an exciting  one-year program  to master your challenge trained by transformational leaders within a group of peers

the chance to develop fast by personal coaching

As an Entrepreneurial Company

a high potential manager for a transformational job within your IT company to accelerate your companies’ growth

a significantly increased likelihood that the job will be successfully done

the chance to develop your company  in a network work of companies alike

For You we launched the di3logy Fellows Program!

What is di3logy Fellows Program?

It is a training program designed for managers with high potential who already demonstrated their performance in the first phase of their career, and who have a personal vision to become a transformational leader.

It is structured as a hands-on, on-the job training and coaching, introducing a full set of tools and mental models adjusted for running business transformations.

The Partners

Jürgen Samuel

M.Sc., Dipl. Math.
After many years of experience in the software industry at Siemens / Nixdorf, he specialized in business transformations and successfully implemented these as managing director of Oracle Germany, Sony Germany and as CEO of sicap AG (subsidiary of Swisscom) and iQuest.

Cătălin Pitiș

M.Sc., Dipl. Eng.
With strong background as software engineer, architect, project manager and business manager in various companies in Romania, he worked as General Manager Finance at iQuest. He is a specialist in business in numbers and information technology.

Simone Heinzelmann

Dipl. Business Economist
During her more than 20 years of Coaching experience Simone created the Human Technology Platform for effective and efficient Leadership Coaching and Training, including the latest QuantHumCode Health App for topics like Emotional- and Stress-Management services. She founded her first company in 2013 and is specialist for the leadership journey.

Sayanthan Balathasan

B.Sc. Computer Science
He has over 15 years experience in the software industry, undertaking roles that range from development and solution architecting, to operations and strategy. Additionally, he is a founding member of Yarl IT Hub.

What’s in it for you?

As an applicant

A one-year full time real life  transformational challenge 
An on-the-task-education by transformational leaders in their peer group
Personal coaching for higher impact on your leadership journey
Member of a group sharing the same experience
International exposure to a senior group of MIT Sloan Fellows 

As an organization

Implements a needed significant change faster and more successful
Win a new colleague in the leadership team  
Have access to transformational tools
The network to the other participating companies
Access to an international network

di3logy will share a comprehensive toolset for running business transformations

LEADER Technologies for decision making
(including Evaluation Models, Criteria Prioritization, Communication Plans, Ishikawa)

5P Technologies for defining the transformation
(including 5P Analysis, 5P Synthesis)

3H Technologies for setting up the leadership system
(including Vision, Strategy, Leadership Principles, Career and Performance Management, Project Principles, Initiative Guidelines, Cultural Engineering, Management Process code)

Human Technologies for supporting people dealing with their own challenges regarding interactions in the context of the business transformation

Business Operating System for a systemic overview on business transformation and its impact

OVUM model for measuring business health

Business in Numbers for tracking the progress and the impact of the transformation

How does it work?

Phase 1 – Introducing the tools (1 month)

The phase 1 focuses on introducing the theoretical background, in parallel with defining the business transformation and preparing the transformation decision.


Selecting and agreeing on the business transformation

Training Session 1 – Listen/Look (4h)

Decision making lifecycle, scope of decision making, the business problems
Ishikawa, 5P Model.

Homework guidance sessions (1h)

One-to-one sessions

Training Session 2 – Evaluate & Adjust (4h)

Identify solution options, apply evaluation methods and tools, define evaluation criteria, reconsider and develop alternatives, option prioritization
Multi-criteria comparison, Paired comparison

Homework guidance sessions (1h)

One-to-one sessions

Training Session 3 – Decision (4h)

SWOT, risk analysis, stakeholder analysis, communication planning, initiative planning, change management topics, monitoring strategies, steering process rhythm
Decision template, Initiative template, Monitoring tools

Training Session 4 – Introduction to Basic Human Technologies (4h)

Phase 2 – Execution and Results Monitoring (10 months)

Phase 2 is focusing on executing the decided business transformation plan. During this phase, there will be four monthly personal coaching sessions, two focusing on business transformation, and two focusing on personal coaching.

Transformation guidance sessions (1h)

One-to-one session

Experience sharing workshop (4h)

Monthly workshop hosted by one of the participating organizations, with the goal of sharing experiences on encountered challenges and solutions

Personal coaching sessions (1h)

One-to-one session

Human Technology Workshop (2h)

Phase 3 – Closing Program (1 month)

Phase 3 is focusing on final lessons learned from the entire experience and, for the participants opting in, getting international exposure.

Final Session (4h)

Conclusions, lessons learned

International Exposure (optional)

Three weeks global trip (Americas & Asia) to meet with senior executives and get international exposure

Application Form

This year, the program is designed for 6 to 10 participants, and will take place between Q1 2024 and Q1 2025.

If you are interested to participate to this program, please use the form below to apply. We will then contact you in the next 2-3 days to start the selection process.