Scale-up to the Next Level

From the market perspective, the company has potential to grow, but it is not able to scale up further due to various internal reasons. The Company Journey started a while ago, still on the highway, but with lower speed, other business in the field overpassing you. It is time to think how you can accelerate, keep up or even go faster than the other players

If you saw these signs in your company, did you consider the questions below?

Do the key stakeholders, especially shareholders, management or employees, want to scale up?

We see this the first question to ask. Scaling up comes in most of the cases with important changes in the organization, but also with changes affecting individuals, getting them out of comfort zone. Having a healthy company culture can ease the transformation process and make people less reluctant to embrace the change.

The second important factor is the level of ambition. How much scale up is acceptable by the key stakeholders? The higher the level, the higher the required change.

A third factor is where is the ambition focused. Consider that you are at a crossroad, are all the key stakeholders consider taking the same road forward?

Does the business have the potential for scaling up?

By answering this question, you will determine what you need to do from positioning and portfolio perspective. It might be that both aspects are fine, and scaling up is limited by internal reasons (see the next question), or that you need to rethink, or at least adjust the positioning (e.g. consider new markets, new go-to-market approaches) and/or portfolio (e.g. diversification, focusing, etc.).

Is the organization prepared for scaling up?

Scaling up the business will most likely come with additional internal challenges. Whether we are taking about increased complexity of the business requiring updated processes, larger or more organization units, or just increased volumes of work, requiring process optimization and IT infrastructure adjustments, it is most likely that you must start a transformation program to keep up with the business growth.

How can I prepare for scaling up?

Let’s assume you found your answers to the previous questions. This means you identified already what you need to do to scale up. It is now the moment to put it into a transformation plan. Since there might be changes in different aspects of the organization, a proper structure for planning and steering will help throughout the entire execution.

How do I put the plan into practice?

This is the most difficult part of the Journey. You decided the direction, set the new roadmap, and you leave the current crossroad.

Like in any situation, deviations from the plan will occur. And since dealing with a complex transformation program, measuring the progress and the deviations is important, so having all the necessary tools at hand will give you the right input for steering the company on track.

The Results

Through our guidance, coaching and direct involvement, in this stage of your Company Journey you will achieve the following results:


Business goals to match the business potential

Strategy to support scaling up of the organization


Portfolio elements to take advantage of the market potential

People heading


Organization structure fitting the future business complexity defined and rolled out

Professional management


Processes to support scalable business defined and rolled out

IT infrastructure integrated with the processes, focused on modern digital core and business scalability implemented


Financial and non-financial reporting systems and procedures defined and rolled out

Business metric system designed to understand the business evolution and to help projections and forecast

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