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Di3logy | ditrilədʒi | is a determined organization having the mission to help companies navigate their own journey.
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The Profile

Di3logy provides “Active Supervisory Board” teams for high-tech companies who navigate these companies through the transformation to digital leadership.

Di3logy consists of a core team of experienced management consultants who, as general managers, have successfully carried out various business transformations in the TIME industries (TIME = Telecoms, Information Technologies, Media, Electronics) and have been working together trustingly for years.

Together with a network of consultants and partners with experience in digital transformation, significant value can be created for companies.

The Team

Jürgen Samuel

M.Sc., Dipl. Math.
President of the Board of Directors
Jürgen Samuel is a graduate mathematician and has a Master of Science in Management (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).
After many years of experience in the software industry at Siemens / Nixdorf, he specialized in business transformations and successfully implemented these as managing director of Oracle Germany, Sony Germany and as CEO of sicap AG (subsidiary of Swisscom) and iQuest.

Cătălin Pitiș

M.Sc., Dipl. Eng.
Member of the Board of Directors
Cătălin Pitiș holds a degree in Engineering and a Master of Science in Engineering and in Management
After many years of experience as software engineer, solution architect and project manager, he switched to management positions, with significant experience as CFO.
His main focus is in combining the business metrics (financial and operational), information technology and business field knowledge to achieve the desired results.

Simone Heinzelmann

Dipl. Betriebswirtin (FH)
Senior Executive Master Coach & Trainer
During her more than 20 years of Coaching experience Simone created the Human Technology Platform for effective and efficient Leadership Coaching and Training, including the latest QuantHumCode Health App for topics like Emotional- and Stress-Management services. She founded her first company in 2013 and is specialist for the leadership journey including the development of intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial skills that are required to master the increasing challenges of todays world.

Raphael Ney

Senior Advisor
He founded and runs an IT services company specialising B2B2C transformation in Consumer Industries. His main focus is to shape business strategies in the light of digitalisation as well as operationalize those.

Sayantan Balathasan

Senior Advisor
Sayanthan holds a Bachelor’s degree specializing in Computer Science, and is a Chevening Rolls-Royce Science and Innovation Leadership Fellow (University of Oxford).
He has over 15 years experience in the software industry, undertaking roles that range from development and solution architecting, to operations and strategy. Additionally, he is a founding member of Yarl IT Hub.

The Partners

Agile Networks Technologies

ANT is a Customer Experience Company with locations currently in Germany, Switzerland and Romania.

With broad experience in developing complex selling journeys and integrate core systems into an agile and scalable infrastructure, ANT offers consulting and implementation services.
The professional analysts, solution architects, and developers master the latest software technologies, building tools and development environments.

Clients value the high-quality IT solutions for customer-centric marketing and digital sales processes that are combined with fulfillment while working together on premium standards with eye-level, integrity, and excellence.


QuantHum is the partner for the Personal Journey. During that journey, some challenges require personal development to the next level. This growth is achieved by using methods constantly adapted to the personal situation.

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