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Solving business transformations as part of hands-on training program
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Guiding entrepreneurs in Business Transformation towards the next destination on their Company’s Journey

The Company Journey starts from the moment the founder(s) have the business idea and covers the entire evolution of a company. Think of it as a route. The company’s location on the route can be defined through five coordinates (5Ps): Positioning, Portfolio, Processes, People and Performance.

On this journey, you will go through key situations. Deciding on the right path will define the company’s future. We help you understanding the current situation, define the next desired stage of the company, and then choose the new path and run along it.

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You are not alone. We’ve been there, too!

As entrepreneurs, we know how challenging it can be to overcome obstacles.

Our Methods and Mental Models

Transformation Paradox

for shaping the business transformation, and selecting the business transformation team.

5P Technologies

for defining the transformation by understanding the current situation and stating the desired outcome using five key aspects: Positioning, Portfolio, Processes, People and Performance.

LEADER Technologies

for business decision making, introducing tools for evaluating options, avoiding decision pitfalls, planning and tracking the decision execution.

3H Technologies

for leading business transformation, introducing tools and guides for setting up a leadership system for successful transformation.

Management Journey

for professionalizing the management of the organization, supporting them to handle new situations encountered in the transition to a fully responsible managerial role.

Human Technologies

for highest impact on human interactions, introducing tools and mental models for human-to-human interactions, critical in any business transformation.

Productivity Model

for achieving more with less effort, bringing a completely new model on the productivity components, and introducing new ways of measuring and significantly improving it.

The Business Operating System

for orchestrating the business transformation through a systemic view of the organization

The OVUM formula

for strategic business decisions, restating the financial performance of professional services in key strategic influencing factors.

Business in Numbers

for avoiding surprises in the operations, introducing models and principles for monitoring the performance of the business to cope with highly unpredictable situations.

Our Principles

Always create value in the organizations we interact with

We are your guide. We introduce tools, guidelines and methodologies, not recipes, and develop together with you the solution specific to your business problems and to your organization. We support you implementing it and making it stick.

Our work is result oriented. We not only offer advice, but support you through the implementation process to achieve the desired results.

We are sensitive to people topics. We work using true collaboration, business ethics principles and eye level based interactions.

We apply the principle of “help to self-help” by providing hands-on training and coaching on handling business problems. Through these, you will be able to approach the next business problems using the provided tools and methodologies without our external support.

We develop and constantly improve our methods, mental models and structures we introduce as part of the guidance.


Manuel Strotmann, CEO best it

We thank di3logy very much for their contributions on our advisory board. We always could use di3logy´s advice for creating solutions for our challenges as the advice was based on a rich experience which di3logy succeeded to aggregate into a leadership framework.

In particular, we value communication at eye level in combination with a set of best practices of upscale management and operations methods.

We plan to continue to benefit from di3logy´s services to reach the next platform on our company’s  journey.

Gerold Böhler, CEO Antiloop

Dear di3logy team, we thank you very much for your support to scale and professionalize our company. After having created a stable business in the past, we achieved with your help the fast growth of our company. You showed us how to apply the 5P and Leader Model to achieve our objectives and become self-sufficient on scaling, always taking our specific situation into consideration and adjusting to it accordingly during our sessions. We plan to benefit from your services in order to further professionalize our company.

We look forward to talking to you