Professional management

Independence from the Founders

The organization depends too much on the founder(s) and it is at a point where the further growth is limited by the capacity of the founders to scale. Professionalizing the management team and delegating responsibilities becomes the main priority for further scaling.

From some perspectives, the business situation is similar with Scale up to the next level, therefore many challenges faced when scaling the business to the next level apply in this context, too. Do the questions below sound familiar? We will guide you to find your own answers.

Should my company be independent of founders and if yes, why?

There are some signs you probably observed before asking this question. For example, you might frequently feel overwhelmed with business activities, with no possibility to delegate or empower. Or you noticed most critical aspects of the business are going through your decision making.

These could have direct consequences on the business. If you, as founder, become the bottleneck, the business growth may slow down, or even stop.

Am I prepared to give the company the independence?

This is one of the most difficult questions to answer. As a founder, you invested a lot in the company, not only money and time, but also emotions. How could you easily step back, let others take control?

However, if you succeed, and done the responsibility transfer successfully, it will be in the benefit of the company and you will have different kinds of satisfaction.

Is the organization prepared to act independently from the founders?

The founder is not the only key player in this moment of the Company Journey. Independence from the founders can be done only through delegation and empowerment. The people in the company must be ready to assume new responsibilities, to take over more control over key aspects of the business.

This is where a professional management will make the difference, where a change in mindset of the employees may be required.

How can I, as a founder, make myself ready for the new setup?

You reached the conclusion that you are not yet prepared to give the company the independence it needs, but you decide to do it. First, you must address the issues you identified when challenging yourself on how prepared you are.

How can the organization be made ready for independent decision making?

Like in your personal case, this is about addressing the issues discovered in the organization. Whether we are talking about professionalizing people, changing their mindset, or going through the existing processes and infrastructure to adjust them for distributed responsibilities, a transformation program must be defined: a new destination is set, a new Company Journey road is chosen.

You can transform this part of the Company Journey in a meaningful journey for the people inside the organization, too. Responsibility delegation, empowerment and professionalization are good opportunities for personal growth.

How should I roll out the changes?

You follow the decided path, looking for the desired destination. Most likely, this Company Journey path will be difficult, taking many of the “passengers” out of the comfort zone. The proper steering, the capacity of reacting fast to challenges and deviations will keep the Company on track.

The Results

Through our guidance, coaching and direct involvement, in this stage of your Company Journey you will achieve the following results:


Updated vision and strategy, aligned with the business potential in the context of company independence


Portfolio elements reviewed for the new company positioning

People heading


Professional management

Organization structure adjusted to the new responsibility distribution

Mindset change for the people in the organization


Processes and responsibilities adjusted to be independent from the founders

IT infrastructure updates to support the adjusted processes


Financial and non-financial reporting systems and procedures defined and rolled out

Business metric system designed to understand the business evolution and to help projections and forecasts

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