LEADER Methodology

LEADER is a decision making methodology developed by the partners by using their extensive management experience.

It is constantly improved by applying it in many business contexts and observing the outcomes.

The methodology covers the entire decision lifecycle, from problem definition, solution identification, decision taking and execution, as follows:

Blue Ear with sound waves - 3D illustration


Gather the information, clarify the current situation, define the desired goals, identify high level options to achieve the goals.

Law scales on table, close-up view


Evaluate the available options using the appropriate evaluation model

Adjust step in LEADER methodology


Use the creative process to adjust the evaluate options to get “the best out of the best options” option.

Decision making


Take the decision, plan its execution and the necessary communication.

High Speed Motion Blur driving through a tunnel at night 
Futuristic High Speed Monorail Train
Tokyo, Japan


Execute the decision taken.

Business modelling service

Result Monitoring

Monitor the progress, the results. Take corrective actions in case of deviations from the plan.

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