We guide you to optimize your Company Journey

by uniquely combining General Management, Information Management and Business Modelling services

to achieve together the agreed results

What is the Company Journey?

It starts from the moment the founder(s) have the business idea and covers the entire evolution of a company.

Think of the Company Journey as a road. Its location on the road can be defined through five coordinates (5Ps): Positioning, Portfolio, Processes, People and Performance.

On this journey, you will face many important crossroads. Deciding on the right path will define the company future. We help understand the current location (5P coordinates), define the next desired stage of the company (future 5P coordinates expressed as objectives), and then choosing and running along the path, using Agile Management Services, Digital Core Services and Business Modelling Services as driving forces.

Define your Idea. Plan your Business. Find an Investor

Every business starts with an idea. Making it clearer will serve two purposes: to gain confidence in the feasibility and the potential of the idea, and to make it attractive and credible in front of a potential investor, if you need one.

Setup the Company. Stabilize the Business

It is the natural continuation of business idea definition and planning, putting the decision taken into practice: you assemble the vehicle, pour the fuel, start the engine and follow the defined roadmap

Scale-up to the Next Level

From the market perspective, the company has potential to grow, but it is not able to scale up further due to various internal reasons. The Company Journey started a while ago, still on the highway, but with lower speed, other business in the field overpassing you. It is time to think how you can accelerate, keep up or even go faster than the other players.

Business Turnaround

Judging from the external economical context perspective, the business should grow, but instead it is flattened or even decreasing. You started the Company Journey a while ago, and you gradually diverted from the highway, ended up on side roads, dead ends, moving slower and slower

Independence from the Founders

The organization depends too much on the founder(s) and it is at a point where the further growth is limited by the capacity of the founders to scale. Professionalizing the management team and delegating responsibilities becomes the main priority for further scaling.

Implement Buy&Build Strategy

You realize the intended business growth can’t be achieved fast enough only through own resources. You are on the highway, pedal to the metal, not able to accelerate more. It is time to add a new engine to your vehicle.

Prepare for Partial/Full Selling

When decision is made to sell the company (either partially or fully) to another investor, it is important to make sure the company is prepared for such a transaction, and that the potential buyer has the right image on the company valuation.

Post M&A Integration

In this situation, either your organization was sold and needs to be integrated in the buyer’s organization,  or you bought or merged with an organization and need to integrate it into your own.

Our Method

We are your guide. We introduce tools, guidelines and methodologies, not recipes, and develop together the solutions specific to your business problems and to your organization.

Our work is result oriented. We not only offer advice, but also support you through the implementation process to achieve the desired results.

When initiating organization transformation, we guide you to define it, but, most important, we support you implementing it and making it stick.

We are sensitive to people topics. We work using true collaboration, business ethics principles and eye-level based interactions.

We apply the principle of “help to self-help” by providing hands-on training and coaching on handling business problems. Through these, you will be able to approach the next business problems using the provided tools and methodologies without our external support.

We develop and constantly improve our own methods, mental models and structures we introduce as part of the guidance

We look forward to talking to you